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BOND was one of three contractors chosen to investigate over 160 anomalies on Spectra Energy’s over 80 miles of natural gas mainline between Lambertville and Stony Point, New Jersey. Repairs were carried out in a variety of locations – from farmer’s fields to swamps to an active quarry. Services varied from recoating pipeline, installing Clock Springs (â„¢), and cutting out and replacing pipe sections.


  • Expected high level of responsiveness to ramp-up crews in various areas
  • Work completed in various environmentally-sensitive atmospheres
  • Required stringent safety protocols while working on highly-sensitive gas lines


  • Utilization of strong union relationships to ramp up local manpower on short notice
  • Worked with consultants to ensure just-in-time materials deliveries, minimizing disruption to adjacent areas
  • Strict separation of site from sensitive environmental areas
  • Critical preplanning to maximize crew productivity


  • Completed within five weeks & ahead of schedule
  • No disruption to surrounding areas
  • Maintained integrity of Spectra’s mainline