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In-House Engineering

We have the capabilities to perform all engineering and design work for our trenchless projects in-house to ensure a higher level of service for our clients. Leveraging our specific expertise in HDD and Jack and Bore technologies, we overlap the design and construction phases of a project to minimize risk, abbreviate the delivery schedule, and provide the optimum solution for your project.

Our team has experience in drilling jobs across the country and has successfully drilled beneath rivers, lakes, and sensitive wetlands in a wide range of conditions varying from sand, clay, and mud to rock and other medium and hard formations.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Our trenchless experts have the equipment and experience to complete any horizontal directional drilling project with pulling forces from 15k to 1.1M lbs, distances ranging up to 10,000 feet, and boreholes of up to 60 inches in diameter. Our process serves to simplify your drilling project and provide the most effective strategy for your unique project, from mobilization and rigging to drilling the pilot hole, reaming, and pullback.

Jack & Bore and Tunneling

Our team and equipment allow us to bore tunnel installations up to 72″ and up to 400 feet in length. We rely on our expertise in order to select the best tunneling methodologies for each project. Methods include:

  • Auger Boring – Traditional auger boring includes the excavation of a jacking and receiving pit and an auger boring machine to jack pipe underneath an obstacle while the auger is utilized to remove the spoils.
  • Guided Auger Boring – Similar to traditional auger boring, except this strategy utilizes a guided boring machine in order to establish the pilot hole. Guided boring technology allows for on-line and on-grade installations which create a safe and effective strategy for installing piping along a very specific trajectory.
  • Rock Boring – When dealing with harder rock geology, the project may benefit from the use of a Small Boring Unit. These tools are designed specifically to cut through rock and can expedite the schedule of a project.  
  • Air Hammer Boring – When dealing with mixed geologies from soft sand to hard rock, certain projects may benefit from the use of horizontal boring hammers or down the hole hammers. We utilize these tools to install pipe through the most difficult varying geologies.
  • Hand Tunneling – For larger diameters over short distances, we have the experience to safely complete pipe installations that require hand or compact machine tunneling.

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