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Not Just a Priority – It’s a Mindset

construction worker evaluating safetyAt BOND Civil & Utility, safety is a core value that is integrated into everything we do. It’s rooted in our culture as a mindset that starts at the top with dedicated leadership. It permeates throughout the entire organization through employee accountability and teamwork. It’s our first and foremost priority. That’s why we enforce a zero tolerance policy, to keep our project sites accident free, every day.

BOND has maintained an excellent safety record for decades, earning top awards from industry agencies such as the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts and the Connecticut Construction Industries Association. Dedicated to outperforming OSHA standards, we have designed a best-in-class Safety Program that offers the right combination of training, technology, and policy management. Some of the features of our program include:

  • “Focus on Today” – a proven approach that reduces risk of injury and keeps workers focused and engaged; includes daily interactive meetings for pre-task planning; and reviews safety protocols, weather forecasts and tasks at hand
  • BOND Boot Camp – customized, mandatory safety training program for all employees and subcontractors
  • Safety Audits – daily inspections and spot checks on all construction sites
  • Site Specific Safety & Security Plans – customized plans designed by our Safety Team with the collaboration of project personnel on the unique requirements of each job
  • Toolbox Talks – weekly team meetings to discuss ongoing job safety issues
  • Technology – safety management system utilizing Autodesk BIM360 aggregates performance metrics to help proactively avoid incidents