Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Not Just a Priority – It’s a Mindset 

At BOND, safety is a core value that is integrated into everything we do. It’s rooted in our culture as a mindset that starts at the top with dedicated leadership. It permeates throughout the entire organization through employee accountability and teamwork. Safety is our first and foremost priority. We make sure that every BOND employee and every person who steps foot on a BOND project goes home each and every day without incident or injury – without exception. We strive to give our employees a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards and provide them with the resources and training necessary to complete their work safely and accident-free.

BOND Safety and Operations work together to ensure the delivery of clear and consistent directives to our teams for achieving Safety Excellence.

  • “Focus on Today” – Each day our crews start with pre-task meetings to review the work that needs to be completed. This includes a review of the materials and equipment that will be used, the safety procedures that will be followed, and the emergency procedures for the site. This approach has provided a benefit to all aspects of our business ̶   in safety, quality, and efficiency. This is the BOND standard.
  • Technology – BOND employs ConstructSecure to pre-qualify subcontractors. Our prequalification process includes a review of our subcontractors’ safety, financial, and quality assurance history. In addition, we use the ConstructSecure safety inspection tool allowing us to link real time safety observations to a subcontractor. This safety inspection tool also allows us to evaluate our own self-performance and focus on areas that are identified through the process. BOND communicates and focuses on safety precautions to minimize our incidents to zero creating a culture where zero is attainable. A safety precaution is what an incident looks like right before it happens. Understanding this behavior and tracking our actions help us better evaluate and adjust before an incident occurs. Our safety process allows us to assess Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s in a proactive fashion. This is a key component for constant and consistent improvement.
  • Communication – Communication is essential for a successful safety program. We maintain an internal digital safety board to inform our team members. We elicit feedback to continually evaluate ourselves to improve performance. We use email and text messaging to communicate with our entire workforce on a daily and weekly basis.