Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Spectra Energy chose BOND as its partner to enhance and extend its natural gas pipeline system in the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Named the J-2 Loop, the pipeline responded to growing residential and commercial demand for clean-burning natural gas services, providing volume and pressure support to NSTAR, the local distribution company. It also increased redundancy for existing natural gas services, enhancing reliability for current and future needs. The project included the installation of 2.5 miles of underground, 14-inch diameter, high-pressure pipeline throughout Somerville and Medford, Massachusetts.


  • Work completed in heavily-populated communities along major roadways and thoroughfares
  • Jack and bore construction activities performed underneath an active MBTA railway right-of-way
  • Strict permitting requirements related to working hours
  • Consistent safety protocols and procedures to ensure well-being of adjacent neighbors, businesses, and vehicles


  • Significant preplanning prior to each work shift due to required, compressed work hours for completing construction in residential areas
  • Close coordination with MBTA officials to monitor railroad track and ensure safety of workforce and general populace
  • Robust traffic management plans to minimize disruption to vehicular patters


  • Ensured reliability and redundancy for natural gas services in the Greater Boston area
  • No disruption to MBTA train services or adjacent residents/businesses
  • Met tie-in dates in spite of fast-track, compressed schedule