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The Needham Regulator Station is a critical component of the transmission infrastructure of the Algonquin Gas system, which services thousands of customers throughout metropolitan Boston. To ensure the reliability of this pipeline system, Spectra Energy selected BOND to construct a new regulator station. The project includes the installation of a cast-in-place foundation, construction of the pre-cast concrete station, and the delivery of electrical and mechanical systems upgrades.


  • Located in a residential neighborhood with surrounding wetlands
  • Tight location with limited access points to the Station
  • Groundwater concerns
  • Live pipelines located in the yard required strict safety protocols


  • Development of a dewatering system to control groundwater levels & eliminate threat of contamination
  • Installation of H piles and lagging for support of excavation (SOE) to protect adjacent live pipelines
  • Design of a modular building, built in sections, for ease of constructability and tighter control of safety
  • Use of a tele-belt truck conveyor during backfill and foundation construction to address tight site access


  • All work completed while keeping the existing gas bypass operable.
  • Delivery of a newly-designed, highly-reliable Regulator Station for the Spectra Algonquin gas system
  • Completed on time and within budget, with no disruption to existing utilities