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Yankee Gas is Connecticut’s largest natural gas distribution company. Their full-service, uniquely-design Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Waterbury, Connecticut provides on-site liquefaction, gas feed preparation, tank storage and vaporization services for the region. The $108 million facility creates LNG from natural gas, storing and vaporizing the gas for future use, and provides flexible access to natural gas to three primary gas pipeline transmission systems. BOND was hired by the prime contractor to assist in the facility’s vaporization expansion through the installation of a new vaporizer tower. BOND delivered concrete foundations and pedestal construction for this new building element.


  • Safely complete major modifications to a vaporizer heating building within an active LNG Facility
  • Sensitive shutdowns of existing natural gas services
  • Installation of an In-Tank LNG Pump within an on-site natural gas tank
  • Facility required extensive modifications to accommodate expansion


  • Performance of structural engineering analysis during project preplanning to develop sequencing and construction plans
  • Detailed equipment rigging plan facilitated delivery of LNG Pump into existing tank by lowering it through an opened, pressurized lid
  • Careful removal of existing systems to facilitate expansion of services
  • Utilization of BIM360 Field to track safety, quality, and schedule
  • Detailed pre-task planning and Job Hazard Analyses to maximize safety


  • Ensures ongoing natural gas availability during peak demand periods for Yankee’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers
  • Impeccable safety record with no disruption to existing LNG Facility
  • On-time & on-budget completion