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Located west of Boston, Wellesley College serves over 2,000 students on its 500-acre campus composed of residence halls, dining halls, art galleries, and a golf course. Wellesley’s facilities represent various architectural styles reflecting the eras in which they were built. As part of an effort to renew its campus buildings for future growth and expansion, BOND was selected to perform many complex utility infrastructure upgrades.

The keys to success on this project were a strong understanding of the campus culture and an ability to manage complex utility upgrades within a fast-track summer duration. As with any campus infrastructure project, mitigation measures were necessary to ensure success. The scope of work included upgrades to a campus steam line, a high voltage duct bank, a water line, the installation of a water quality structure, road reconstruction and landscaping.


  • Construction was in close proximity to the Houghton Memorial Chapel, built in 1896
  • Special events were ongoing during the construction duration
  • The campus is located in a heavily wooded area
  • Work to be completed in time for the Fall semester


  • Careful planning and protective measures enforced to ensure the preservation of a precious historical asset
  • Close collaboration and mitigation planning to ensure the safety of visitors and student pedestrians
  • To protect the mature plantings in the work area, BOND included a tree consultant as part of their team. Specific protocols were used to preserve surrounding tree species
  • Detailed crew production planning ensured the timely completion of the project


  • All utility work completed within one summer season, without disruption to campus services and with the Houghton Memorial Chapel’s integrity maintained at all times