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NRG’s Bowline Generating Station is located on the Hudson River waterway in West Haverstraw, New York. After a major hurricane resulted in violent swells and the erosion of the Minisceongo Creek bed, NRG called on BOND to cut out and re-route two critically compromised high-pressure natural gas lines that were left unsupported and exposed in an environmentally-sensitive area. BOND’s team provided civil construction services that facilitated the support of 575 feet of 24-inch and 16-inch asbestos-coated pipes, once buried along the creek bed.


  • Restoration of exposed pipeline tied into an existing power plant
  • Emergency response project due to natural disaster
  • Highly environmentally-sensitive area adjacent to a creek bed
  • Sensitive scheduling of multiple outages for NRG
  • Fast-track schedule with limited design to restore the power plant’s operation


  • Installation of custom-fabricated, steel pile supported beams to facilitate pipeline integrity restoration
  • Development of a dewatering system to control groundwater levels & eliminate threat of creek contamination
  • Stringent environmental controls developed with design/engineering team and environmental consultant
  • Collaborative planning between all stakeholders to drive schedule and sequence shutdowns
  • Earth moving and fill support stabilized site cliff face to prevent further erosion


  • Restored pipeline integrity at the Bowline Generating Station & successful continuous operation of the power plant
  • No unscheduled service disruptions
  • Perfect safety and environmental control record
  • Completed restoration of cliff face and stability of creek bed
  • Completed on-time within a fast-track schedule