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To meet state and federal guidelines related to pipeline safety & maintenance, BOND was employed by Kinder Morgan to install two 24-inch bi-directional traps within an active compressor station in Troy, Pennsylvania. These traps are integral in testing pipeline integrity, ensuring continuous gas distribution, and – most importantly -maintaining a safe atmosphere for surrounding areas.


  • Work completed within an active compressor station
  • Site contained heavy amounts of rock and ledge
  • Coordination of a sensitive outage for the active Tennessee Gas 300 Line


  • Utilization of BIM360 Field to enforce strict safety protocols, especially related to removal of rock and ledge around existing pipeline
  • Detailed coordination with Kinder Morgan and third party consultants to plan gas line outage
  • Close communication with compressor station management team to ensure no disruption to sensitive operations


  • Tie-in of all services five days ahead of schedule
  • No unscheduled disruption to active on-site compressor station
  • Continuous, safe operation for the Tennessee Gas 300 Line