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Iberdrola Renewables selected BOND as a partner during the construction of one of the largest wind energy facilities in Southern New England. Located in the Berkshires, this $20 million project marks another milestone in Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Initiative, which plans for Wind Energy to account for 10% of the state’s electricity load by 2020.

BOND provided self-performed civil construction services for this project, clearing 43 acres of land in Florida and Monroe, Massachusetts to make way for the wind farm. This enabling effort included the blasting of 90,000 cubic yards of rock and the redistribution of 30,000 cubic yards of material. Our team also constructed 19 concrete foundations for 340′-tall 1.5 MW GE-model turbines, excavated and installed 17,000 linear feet of underground and overhead DC/AC collection systems, installed a new 69 kV/34.5 kV substation, and built an Operations & Maintenance Building that houses the facility’s “brain.”


  • Site located adjacent to several major wetland streams
  • All work completed within a mountainous region with varying degrees of elevation, compounded by extreme winter conditions
  • Compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in a highly-restricted permitting project


  • Construction of open bottom culvert bridges to facilitate access over wetlands and minimize disruption to waterways
  • Careful sequencing and scheduling around snow and wind forecasts
  • Consistent communication with DEP officials to meet guidelines, including tightly defined clearing limits
  • Rigid schedule maintenance, driven by long-lead time equipment delivery for the turbines and coordinating cranes
  • Development of strict safety and environmental mitigation plans


  • Completed within a fast-track 12-month schedule within budget
  • Delivery of a highly-sustainable wind farm that powers more than 10,000 homes annually
  • Provides environmental benefits by offsetting approximately 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year relative to conventional electricity generation