Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


BOND self-performed perimeter security upgrades to the existing substation for a local utility company. Our scope of work included the following: 277 hybrid pre-cast foundations, 3,200 LF of panelized ballistic fencing in 10’/15’/20′ sections, two structural vehicle gates, three structural pedestrian gates, electrical infrastructure for security camera installation, trenching excavation and backfill for associated grounding, conduits and perimeter barbed wire-installation.


  • Fast track schedule through the winter
  • Confidentiality and security around the construction site
  • Work performed within an existing live substation
  • Aggressive construction schedule
  • Fence line installation work revolved heavily around high voltage overhead line


  • Enforcement of strict communication protocols to minimize disruption to local communities
  • Constant coordination and client’s site management team including client’s fence material vendor, state and local officials
  • Worked closely with client to develop mitigation strategies to allow efficient and productive construction methods to meet and exceed the fast track schedule


  • The client’s substation physical security conforms to national and regional standards
  • Met stringent federal and regional reliability standards
  • Completed project on time and within budget