Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Con Edison, one of the largest energy companies in the United States chose BOND to install a new transmission pressure gas pipeline in the Bronx. The pipeline responded to growing residential and commercial demand for a more affordable and cleaner energy solution. The project included 6,250 linear feet of 16″ pipeline designed to feed a new regulator station, upgrading thousands of Bronx residents to the new energy-efficient system.


  • Work in heavily-populated urban setting along major roadways and thoroughfares
  •  Excavate around multiple buried underground utilities
  • Install a welded connection steel main through existing utilities
  • Consistent safety protocols and procedures to ensure well-being of adjacent neighbors, businesses, and vehicles
  • Strict permitting requirements related to working hours
  • Coordination with local vendors to offload delivery of materials


  • Significant preplanning prior to each work shift due to required, compressed work hours
  • Utilize vacuum excavation vs. conventional hand excavation to spot existing buried utilities
  • Hydraulic shoring techniques used in place of traditionally used cut timbers to speed trenching production
  • Robust crew training to maximize safety on site
  • Robust traffic management plans to minimize disruption and protect safety of pedestrians


  • Ensured reliability and redundancy for natural gas services for Bronx customers
  • Impeccable safety record with minimal disruption to residents and businesses
  • Completed in Fall 2016 on time, within budget, during a fast-track, compressed schedule